According to Anastasia: “It begins with brows…”

Only a few salons are trained in the Anastasia eyebrow technique. Sebastian Salon in Sydney’s CBD is one of those salons. Hailed by Hollywood “A” listers as the queen of beautiful brows, Anastasia, a former architect, pioneered the eyebrow styling technique. Eyebrows by Anastasia achieves the perfect shape and camouflages irregularities, holes and scars in the brow. Regarded as the “Eyebrow Guru” Anastasia’s technique has set her apart in the field and many celebrities won’t go anywhere else.

“She’s the only person I let touch my eyebrows”
‐ Jennifer Lopez


And others are saying…

“Anastasia got her hands on my brows and went to town”
‐ Oprah Winfrey
“Most of Hollywood has her in their palm”
‐ ALLURE magazine
“We called in Eyebrow Guru to the stars (also Oprah’s favourite) Anastasia Soare”
- O Magazine
“Anastasia, eyebrow wizard shares her techniques to create the look you’ve always wanted.”
‐ LATINA Magazine
“So I thank heaven for Anastasia, the LA‐based eyebrow guru”
‐ ELLE Magazine
“Now a regular client of renowned Beverly Hills, “star plucker” Anastasia Soare, Messing insists, “Nothing affects your face more than your eyebrows!”
‐ PEOPLE Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People
“Anastasia, the empress of eyebrow, waxes sentimental about the ideal arch”
‐ CS Magazine
“Queen Of the Hill‐ Anastasia is the only person many of Hollywood’s beautiful people will let near their eyebrows.”
‐ W Magazine
“Brow Shaping: Anastasia, no question: your whole face looks different after she has reshaped your brows.”
“Anastasia is where anybody who is anybody gets their brows done.”
“She’s the best, the eyebrow guru”
‐ Garcelle Beauvais
“The coolest thing I ever discovered”
‐ Kate Capshaw
“Hollywood queen of tweeze, transforms two more readers”
‐ MORE Magazine
“Anastasia Soare, brow sculptor to stars has a full makeup line that has raised a well shaped eyebrow or two.”
‐ IN STYLE Magazine
“The queen of beautiful brows”
“Anastasia is to eyebrows what Brad Pitt is to six packs. A legend.”
‐ ELLE UK 2003