IMG_4396Make up….. The ancient Egyptian understood enhancing beauty but what was makeup originally designed to do ??? Who knows !! However what has come out of the discoveries about makeup and what ingredients are in it seem to be important for your skin and the continuing health of it.

I have been using the eye of Horus makeup now for some time in my kit. Love it. It’s organic and developed in the ancient traditions of the Egyptians. Watch out cleopatra comin at ya ! Yes indeed. It would be fair to say that cleopatra had her eyes painted by the same ingredients that you will find in the eye of Horus makeup. The application might be a difference and the tool may have had an upgrade but the organic pigments of colour would have been virtually the same. I wasnt there watching her majesty cleopatra getting made up but I guess if I was I would be using something of a similar to what the eye of Horus makeup would be like in ancient times. From beeswax to natural pigment the eye of Horus makeup should not be overlooked. Do you really know what you are putting on your face ?

Peter x

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